Interview with Derra Sabo

This is an interview with Derra Sabo, a writer who was born in California. I’ll let her introduce herself.


Derra Sabo

Derra Sabo: Introducing myself is always a weird thing for, not sure why, but here we go. My name is Derra Sabo, a girl Cali born and raised who somehow became a writer. I spend my days typing and jotting while sippin’ coffee and listening to tunes. Cooking in the kitchen after a long day is my escape, a way to wind down. Any free time is spent creating shenanigans with friends and family. And of course, days and nights spent at the beach with plenty of crackling bonfires and s’mores to go around. I’m a simple girl sporting her hoodies and headphones.

W.: First, tell us about your recently published book, “Anomaly.” Tell us about the book, and how you want to express your message/emotions through that book in order to help others.

Sabo: Anomaly, this was the most difficult to write, yet it is my favorite book I’ve written. A collection of pieces morphed from personal experiences such as; life with a rare disorder (Epidermolysis Bullosa aka EB aka the beast) to being bullied throughout my childhood to getting out of a toxic relationship. Pieces pertaining to mental health, topics that include depression, anxiety, and suicide. The theme is darkness lined with Christmas lights, the underlying message is hope. I selfishly wrote this so that I could heal from my past, but deep down I hope that it helps anyone going through their own darkness. I want anyone who reads Anomaly to know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm. Anomaly is simply this… a message in a bottle that reads, “Never give up”.

W.: Let’s talk about your other book, “Dear You.” According to the preview of the book, it is a memoir filled with “letters to family and friends.” What makes your life special, and why do you want to write about it?

Sabo: Dear You… oh man.. ok, deep breath. This bad boy was conjured up from sheer chaos. To sum up a long story, this crazy journey started in a doctor’s office with grim results from my latest blood test. Doctors baffled, saying that according to the results, which they triple checked, I should be dead. Well good morning to you to docs. My iron level was dangerously low and they needed to rise and quick. There was much more information said, however, after the words heart attack and hospital were spoken I pretty much blanked out. Later I went to go have breakfast with my parents and as I got out of the car I literally broke down in tears. Yep, nothing like facing your own mortality in the Denny’s parking lot. Nothing good happens before pancakes and coffee guys, remember that.

One long weekend consisted of three things. Firstly, I researched ways to up my levels without needing to spend my days in the hospital hooked to machines while being pumped with whatever meds. Second, I looked up the process of a P.A.S (I won’t get into those details here) and lastly, I wrote Dear You. What started out as goodbye letters to my family morphed into letters written to anyone who had a major impact on my life. The crazy thing is that I almost didn’t publish Dear You, I was beyond nervous. But, after listening to Lose Yourself by Eminem a few times, I clicked submit and here we are.

Life is one crazy road trip, so stock up on the snacks, beverages and crank the tunes.

W.: In your profile, you mentioned that you are a “beach baby, coffee addict, movie buff, music maniac, and so on.” We’re going to talk about how it inspires in your writing. Let’s start with the beach. Does the beach itself influence a big part of your writing?

Sabo: I find inspiration in everything… from my family to music to books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen and conversations had with people I’ve met. I’ve even written certain pieces inspired by the swirls and galaxies the creamer made in my coffee and from a word played on Words with Friends (yes, I still play WWF, so if anyone wants to battle it out, bring it on, lol). But, the one place I am most inspired by is the beach. Warm sands, cool ocean swishing back and forth, the salty breeze swirling gently, neon sunsets and crackling bonfires…the beach is the only place where the monsters in my head are silenced. It is the only place where I can breathe, it’s my home. There’s a strong, cemented connection between the beach and I.

W.: Next, let’s talk about movies and music. What are some of your favorite movies and songs, and do they also influence a lot on your writing?

Sabo: Favorite movies and music… hmmmm, how much time do you have, lol. A few of my absolute favorite movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Armaggedon, Fast and Furious (all of them) and Love and Other Drugs. A few favorite songs: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls, Church by Fall Out Boy, I Miss You by Blink 182, Space Bound by Eminem. However, I am a fan of much more. Movies influence my writing in a way of the message or characters that are portrayed in the films. How one may react to a situation or the point of the story being that life is hard, but it’s worth living. Music is a whole other level as I don’t just hear music, I see it. There are times when the music hits me in a certain way, sometimes it’s the lyrics and then there are those “complete package” songs. Depending on the song, my mood will shift into the needed gear and my surroundings are outlined in a soft colored shade. Some songs are purple, some teal, some yellow. The sound and sight of a song help me to travel back to a certain point in my life, I relive moments which allow me to spill out who I am within my words.

W.: Finally, please tell us a preview of your next book, which is coming out next month.

Sabo: Yep, come mid to the end of April book number three will be released into the world. Slumberland is a collection of dreams and nightmares I’ve had since I was eleven years old. You’ll get to read about the woods where my worst fears live, fears disguised in the images of wolves and a certain hooded reaper that goes by the name of Mystikx. Dear You was the “Awwe” make you feel all the feels kind of book. Anomaly was the “open your mind”, make you think and become inspired kind of book. Slumberland is the “wtf”, make you wonder why I’m not in therapy and on at least a couple of meds book, lol. I am excited for this one though.

W.: Looking forward to your third book, and good luck with that. Any final comments/thoughts for our readers?

Sabo: Final thoughts…be phenomenal. Whatever it is you do in life, be phenomenal at it. Wake up everyday and be the best possible You that you can be. Life is over in a blink and being anything short of a phenomenal anomaly is, well, boring. Work hard, play harder and love hardest. Don’t waste the one life you’ve been privileged with. Be kind, be understanding, be courageous, be loving….. be phenomenal. (extra bonus points to those who know what song inspired this advice).

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