Interview with Sharon West

Thanks to Sharon West for allowing me to use these photos.

This is an interview with Sharon West, a singer-songwriter based from Yorkshire in the UK. Below is my interview with her:

W.: What makes you start your music career?

Sharon West: I have been a singer since my teens and worked in bands travelling up and down the country entertaining audiences at military bases, cabaret venues and clubs for quite a few years. I have always wanted to write my own songs but it took me a long time and the support of a friend to finally put pen to paper and start writing.

W.: Are there any singers/bands that influenced your music career, and how have they influenced you (in any way)?

West: I have so many musical influences, as I am a lover of so many genres of music. I love the 80’s pop and dance music, especially artists such as George Michael and Alison Monet but also love the likes of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles (which were bands). I was brought up listening to big ballad singers like Barbara Streisand. It’s always been about the voice for me.

W.: What are some of your favorite music that you like to listen to now?

West: I love many current artists but tend to listen to Years and Years, Dua Lipa, and love all the collaborations, like what Jax Jones is doing right now. It would be great to do a collaboration with a prominent DJ. I also totally love the new Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus track (“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”), the vocal from Miley Cyrus reminds me of Stevie Nicks.

W.: I saw that most of the songs rely on personal experiences. What’s the most memorable personal experience that you had that helped you turned into a song?

West: I do definitely write about things that are personal to me as they’re more meaningful and seem to resonate with a lot of people. One of the songs I’m currently working on relates to a very unhealthy relationship when I was younger and the journey I have been on ever since, not easy memories but good song writing material.

W.: What makes you want to work with DJs?

West: My producer is a DJ and I have a lot of DJ friends which is why I suppose I was drawn to that kind of music. And there’s the fact that a DJ can put a totally different spin on your song with a really good remix.

W.: Give us a preview of your debut album and the release date.

West: The album is still a work in progress and I’m hoping it will be ready for late spring. It will include all of my latest releases but will also feature some totally unheard tracks that I’m so excited for people to hear.

W.: What are your goals for the future?

West: In the future who knows? Everyone wants a hit song don’t they? So it would be amazing if something I released had a commercial chart position. Other than that I’d love my songs to be part of film or TV scores so I can leave a slightly bigger impression on the world.

W.: Good luck with that! Are there any final thoughts you want to share with our readers?

West: I really would like to thank everyone who has downloaded and streamed my music so far, it really is a privilege for me to have people relate to what I write. I really hope everyone enjoys listening to the new music as much as I have loved writing and recording it.

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