Interview Wednesday: Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

Personal note before we get started: This week’s interview falls on Wednesday, because I’m trying to feature a double interview this week. However, Thursday’s interviewee hasn’t got back to me yet, so I don’t think there’s going to be an interview published this Thursday.

Getting on with the interview, we are featuring Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band this week. They are a band who play a mixture of country and rock that has been described as Head Bangin Country and Midwestern. We got two members of the band, Mark Stone and Todd Jameson, for this interview. Mark Stone is the singer/guitarist in the band, while Todd Jameson is the bassist/vocalist for the band.

W.: What makes you start your music career?

Todd Jameson: Kiss-Dressed to Kill started it all for me. I heard that music and that Guitar playing and I knew I had to do this.

Mark Stone: I’ve been into music as a fan forever tried to get bands together 1st gig was a high school dance.  Here in Minnesota there’s still a cover music scene so you play other peoples music and make money and play your own to get it out there and find people that dig it.

W.: Are there singers/bands that also influenced your music career, and how have they influenced you (in any way)?

Stone: Absolutely such a huge list but The Eagles, ZZ Top, Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice In Chains all definitely influenced what I like about music.

Jameson: Kiss, Kenny Rogers, Cheap Trick are probably the 3 most influential artists for me. Great song writing any in Kenny Roger’s case, it’s about story telling.

W.: Of all your songs, which of the original song would you recommend to our readers? What makes this song special and what’s the story behind the song?

Jameson: I’m a big fan of “Love Goes to War”. It has a great hook and lyrical content that’s relatable to most people.

Stone: Until Someone Remembers My Name is what I would recommend.  It’s a very personal song but I think a lot of people can relate to the struggle involved in making a name for yourself.

W.: I notice that you guys release an album not too long ago, called “For Stories”. What’s special about this new album?

Stone: For Stories refers to our Why we do what we do.  We live this lifestyle and throw these parties every weekend and sometimes even all week to connect with people and make the nights that will be legends in our memories and so we do this For Stories.

Jameson: This album is full of great tunes, but tunes for different tastes too.

W.: I notice that you guys do a lot of cover songs. What are some of your favorites and why?

Jameson: Covers allow us to tell you where our influences come from, but also to have a great time playing great songs.

Stone: Both Todd and myself enjoy a lot of different types of music so anything is fair game and honestly I like the covers that get the most reaction out of the crowd.  Songs you can get everyone dancing and singing along to that’s the stuff I dig and my wife likes to find ridiculously difficult songs for me to sing.

W.: What are your goals for the future?

Stone:  I haven’t even sent this out to my email community yet but we are going to do a Vinyl album if enough people are interested Jamo ia a huge record collector and I just want to have 1 old school album.  It kinda had died as a medium when I got started but now that it’s come back around hopefully we have enough people interested.  It’ll be the first time we’ve ever crowd funded a project so we’ll see how it all goes.

Jameson: As Mark said, get us on vinyl!

W.: Any final thoughts/comments you want to share with the readers?

Jameson: We are a fun band with great songs. Come see us live to get the total experience.

Stone: Absolutely all of your readers that are interested in connecting with us the best way to do it is through our website or leave us an email we can send you music downloads to and our periodic emailer “the Dirty” which in spite of its name all content is safe for work totally rated-PG it is the internet so It’s important to clarify.

We thank Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band for answering these questions and to accept this interview with us. You can listen to their albums on their website/streaming platforms (such as Spotify). They are also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. These are the websites:

YouTube Originals
YouTube Covers

And we have another interview soon, so stay tuned to the blog!

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