A new series coming up!

I'm not a perfect writer after all. I make spelling and grammatical errors every now and then. I make mistakes in my expression of ideas. I want to make articles a perfection, and I believe that is an ambition for all of us. But no one is perfect. There are no such people in the … Continue reading A new series coming up!

Top 5 Monday: Bill Withers

Picture credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/Bill_Withers_1976.jpg 2020, to be honest, has been a terrible year for everyone so far. We all can agree that the ongoing pandemic made things worse around the world. A lot of legendary people have passed again thus far this year. Kenny Rogers passed away not too long ago (you can read my top 5 … Continue reading Top 5 Monday: Bill Withers

Stolen Content And Plagiarism Alert

Update: this has been resolved for now. Thank you so much for your help and support!

Please help us and read the following article, posted by Pooja! Thank you.


I’m sure you guys remember that a while back I did an interview for W. Wang’s blog which was an amazing experience. Unfortunately yesterday I found out someone had plagiarized this interview to make it look like the interview was done by them. No credit was given to W. Wang and his name was actually replaced by the name of the plagiarizer.

Original Post


Plagiarized Post


Of course I instantly reached out to W. Wang and let him know because this was his content as well as his hard work being plagiarized. We both reported the blog and I left a comment letting them know that this post is plagiarized and that they need to take it down or use the original post giving full credit to W. Wang. However they have not responded.


So I am sharing this information with you for three reasons. First- I just want…

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Interview with Nisha from Masala Mojo

Nisha This is an interview with Nisha, a full-time digital marketer and part-time food enthusiast. She is a big foodie and enjoys both cooking and eating. Her cooking style, in her words, is rustic and fuss-free, so when you visit her website (https://masala-mojo.com/), there would be a hectic amount of recipes that would be ready … Continue reading Interview with Nisha from Masala Mojo

Top 5 Monday: Kenny Rogers

Photo credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons//thumb/4/46/KennyRogers0042-rededit.jpg/433px-KennyRogers0042-rededit.jpg Time to revive a feature on my blog: Top 5 Monday. In case you don't know what this series is, this is the place where I focus on 5 of the most favorite songs of one particular singer/artist/band have. You might have seen last Saturday on the headlines that legendary country singer … Continue reading Top 5 Monday: Kenny Rogers

Interview with Elizabeth Grace Neal

Elizabeth Grace Neal (NOTE: This is a continuation from my post yesterday about racism. Read my commentary here: wworldcommentary.wordpress.com/2020/03/21/in-my-own-words-racism/) This is an interview with Elizabeth Grace Neal, a 40-year-old who is still trying to figure out her life! She is married for almost 19 years, homeschool four "amazing, energetic, crazy" kids ages 8-13 (two boys; two … Continue reading Interview with Elizabeth Grace Neal

Interview with Sadie Hall about social anxiety

Sadie Hall (NOTE: This is a continuation from my post yesterday about social anxiety. Read my commentary here: wworldcommentary.wordpress.com/2020/03/08/in-my-own-words-social-anxiety/) This is an interview with Sadie Hall, which is her FIRST INTERVIEW EVER (yes, I'm serious about this). She's a 34-year-old married mom of two living in Canada. Freelancing as a translator and editor, she blogs (wish … Continue reading Interview with Sadie Hall about social anxiety